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Yoga Playlists

Yogi John Berg recently contacted me about playing my music during his yoga classes. He’s put together a couple of playlists that I’ve recreated on Spotify:

Harmonic Return:

Harmonic Yin:


John’s note to me:

Hi Phillip,

Last night in my Yin class I decided to make a playlist of only your music. There is such a wealth to choose from it was not hard to put together a beautiful set which ended up being really effective.

In short, what I try to do is choose music that has any type of movement or rhythm and place those tracks towards the beginning of the class so that the energy and vibe smooths out towards drifting and floating as the class progresses. I nailed it last night. The playlist is a bit longer than 90 minutes so there is still vibration and frequency as they put their props away and leave the room.

While these are not at all the definitive tracks – there really is so much of your music which is perfect for what I do – I thought you might get a kick out of seeing how Iput together a session with only your tunes.

John Berg – E.R.Y.T.

Founder / Artistic and Training Director / Lead Instructor

Samyama Yoga Center