Time Being – A Dimension Reflected ~

“…a soft, reflective disc that holds time in its hands to let the listener look deep within it…Laik and Wilkerson spin a velvety cocoon of classic ambient drifts…a work that will round off the harsh edges of your day, set your mind at ease and let you peacefully wander off to some quiet space inside yourself…a superb debut.”
John Shanahan ~ Hypnagogue Music Reviews

“…thought-bending, deep drifting tracks of pure ambient spaces, where electronic yet organic, expansive washes of sound, drifting chords and swirling synthesizer textures communicate the resonant beauty of time and timelessness…”
Spotted Peccary

“…a contemplative project that reminds me of what it is to be alive and dreaming. We live in fast times and…A Dimension Reflected is a balm for a frenzied soul…”
Heathen Harvest ~ A Dimension Reflected

Time Being – A Place to Belong ~

“…deep ambient at its most potent…”
Textura ~ A Place to Belong

“…takes the next step into deep exploration of ambient sounds and design…”
Sonic Immersion ~ A Place to Belong

“…feels more like the greatest of all journeys than just a mere ambient album…”
Ambient Exotica ~ A Place to Belong

“An excellent blending of styles moves this release along; meditative passages and quiet melodies are given equal say, as are light and dark…does what a sophomore effort should, following a good debut: it ups the ante…”
Hypnagogue Reviews ~ A Place to Belong

“A truly splendid synergistic 62-minute alchemy…awe-inspiring landscapes, fueled by ceaselessly coalesced amorphously comforting dronescapes with glimpses of eerily mindscaping tapestries…”
Richard Gürtler ~ A Place to Belong

“Music of this smooth, nebulous, ponderous nature often suggests the cool immensity of space and whilst this is true of A Place To Belong in many passages, there is also a warmth and open-hearted passionate content that grounds much of the music…”
Paul Jury ~ A Place to Belong

“…meditative and introspective but astonishingly brilliant…a nice little sound delight for those who like the genre.”
Sylvain Lupari ~ A Place to Belong

Vague Traces ~

Infused with the minimal drones, drifts, micro-sonics and discrete acoustics that are so often prevalent in their solo works, Wilkerson & Russell blend those styles perfectly together…the result is 63 minutes of deep drifting tranquility and sublime ambient spaces that seem to come from deep within a dream. ~ Spotted Peccary

This work seems to be dissolving and becoming, all at once. Sounds and ideas cross a huge interval, as the seven realizations on Vague Traces move through their liminal realms. This duo produces a fascinating succession of colors, atmosphere and mood. ~ Chuck van Zyl ~ Star’s End

For lovers of deep ambient music… ~ Sylvain Lupari ~ Synth & Sequences

Wilkerson and Russell drive this highway masterfully, maintaining the balance between depth and light, darkness and coloration, never dropping too deep into droney depths, yet eschewing any of the sweetness that tends to subtract from the warmth that textural ambient sounds generate… ~ Exposé Online

The seven mid-length recordings of Vague Traces are blissfully unhurried, easily allowing the mood of each to seep through the consciousness and to transport the listener into welcome reverie. Consistent through the seven variations, the fades between tracks barely break the tranquillity of the spell so that the sixty three minutes work as a unified whole experience. ~ Paul Jury ~ Morpheus Music Reviews

Harmonic and multi-dimensional music roaming gently through vaporous, tranquil spheres…addressing the intimate and the sensitive with its kaleidoscope of slow evolving, overtly caressing and pastel tone colors. ~ Bert Strolenberg ~ Sonic Immersions

…gorgeously melts common artistic visions of Phillip Wilkerson & Chris Russell…and proves their soundsculpting talent within ambient/deep space journeying… ~ Richard Gürtler

…Wilkerson and Russell’s music is edgy and realistic, with hints of darkness alongside the contemplative fragility…a sublime and beautiful work of art… ~ Goatsden

Swiftly the Sun

“From this listener’s perspective, it’s yet another collection of music to listen to over and over. It has all the heart I expect from him, and adds in some fun and slightly unexpected shots of energy and vigor. An excellent addition to an already impressive catalog.”
~ John Shanahan ~ Hypnagogue Reviews

Wondrous Encounters

“Wilkerson has again proven himself a master of the ambient music form, particularly the beatific kind that can potentially trigger flashes of calm enlightenment in the listener’s mind. I’m not sure a musician can bestow a more valuable gift.”
Allister Thompson ~ Make Your Own Taste

“…this wonderful slice of space ambient is probably his best album, or at least one of them; the space travel theme is entirely appropriate for this cosmic excursion with the master of spiritual synth pads. Fans of classic space music and early eighties late Berlin School will absolutely not want to miss this.”
Allister Thompson ~ Make Your Own Taste – Best Ambient of 2014

“…conjures memories of the genre’s pioneers…put on the headphones, close your eyes, and just go…a great addition to Wilkerson’s already impressive catalog of superb ambient.”
John Shanahan ~ Hypnagogue Reviews

“The cosmic theme is explored nicely in rich layers and evolving spacious drifts on each of the eight cuts, straying through deeper worlds beyond and veils of mystery.”
Bert Strolenberg ~ Sonic Immersion


“…a time-stretching suite of six classic ambient pieces that, in coursing along as slowly as they do, allow us as listeners to slow down as well…a beautiful release, another must-hear from Mr. Wilkerson…”
John Shanahan ~ Hypnagogue Music Reviews

“…the theme of this album should be (and maybe is) tranquillity…these tracks have a lightness to them, like a peaceful sunset in a rural place…”
Allister Thompson ~ Make Your Own Taste

“…smooth gliding textural landscapes offering lots of subtle nuances and emotional depths…one can almost feel the gentle glow of sun rays on your skin…an immersive lullaby to caress the mind.”
Bert Strolenberg ~ Sonic Immersion

“…elegant…unhurried expressions of a better life…expressions that surround you with their warmth…expressions of comfort and of peace…”
Thomas Mathie ~ Headphonaught

“…serenely drifting dreamscapes…Sojourner is the pinnacle of [Wilkerson’s] extensive list of recordings…”
Richard Gürtler ~ Discogs

“…Phil Wilkerson is a master in the art of drawing ambient music forms and Sojourner amply shows it…”
Sylvain Lupari ~ Synth&Sequences

“…a smooth and buoyant float amidst long sweeping drones reminiscent of drifting on large ocean waves, as the music ebb and flows in a brilliant tension and release…”


“…classic relaxation music, carved out of far-reaching, soft synth pads, cloud-like and warm…Wilkerson is in full control of his craft, and Highlands is one of his best drift-based works to date…”
John Shanahan ~ Hypnagogue Music Reviews

“…the most impressive…is the 21-minute opening piece “Sweet Eva Lena”, an emotionally charged work of art with a beautiful sense of longing and romance running underneath…”
Bert Strolenberg ~ Sonic Immersion

“…the listener is completely immersed in a golden glow of warm ambient pads…with elongated higher and lower pads meshing into lush, spacious, slowly changing textures. It really doesn’t get much more chilled than this. Contemplative music to relax to, to imagine, to reminisce, to daydream.”
Baxter Tocher ~ EarTickles

“Wilkerson…records in a variety of styles, but this masterwork of four tracks on the new Free Floating label is pure waves of padded bliss, celestial, comforting, calming. Possibly his best release yet…”
Make Your Own Taste ~ 10 Netlabel Ambient Albums You Should Own

“…these four pieces create a space of subtle yet immense stillness, a place to find repose or to explore the depths of our truest selves…”
Brad Ross-MacLeod ~ Free Floating

The Stars and Afterward

…a through-line of optimism seems to thread itself into the work. The listener comes away feeling good, the spirit lightened just a tad. And that’s a very good thing.
~ John Shanahan ~ Hypnagogue Reviews

At times pastoral and silvery then dark and dense, these slowly shifting ambient realizations open up space then fill it with sound.
~ Chuck van Zyl ~ Star’s End

…the album sounds awesome…there is a vibrancy about the music that is simply delightful.
Thomas Mathie ~ Headphonaught

…the album presents a mix of ambient drone and Berlin-school inspired space music filtered through Phillip’s artful melodic and harmonic sense…
Brad Ross-MacLeod ~ Free Floating

…a nice addition to Mr Wilkerson’s library of space ambient music…the pinnacle is ‘Radiance’…
Bert Strolenberg ~ Sonic Immersion

…filled with passion and optimism…
Richard Gürtler ~ Discogs

Ten to Eleven

“…thick with emotion–there’s a sense of the stories within the sound truly coming from the heart–and the journey here feels filled with personal secrets being whispered to the listener…”
John Shanahan ~ Hypnagogue Music Reviews

“…warm and smooth flowing textural synth washes…”
Bert Strolenberg ~ Sonic Immersion

“…aural pictures that become the soundtrack to the listeners life…a beautiful album… one that I will come back to for many years to come…”
Thomas Mathie ~ Headphonaught

beautifully relaxing sound sculpting…the flowing essence of “Ten To Eleven” will undoubtedly relax you…
Richard Gürtler

Sun Tracer

“…simply pleasant, well-crafted melodies created with synths and sequencers…Another great Wilkerson release.”
Phil Derby ~ ElectroAmbient Space ~ Excerpted March 2010

“…a spacey ride that alternately coasts through the cosmos and slingshots around planets at speed. And he blends them well…Wilkerson’s vision of the universe is a pleasure to observe, and Sun Tracer is a trip you’ll surely take many times over…”
John Shanahan ~ Hypnagogue Music Reviews ~ Recommended CDs

“…a collection of electronic ambient pieces that thoroughly embrace tonality in what can only be called rapturous light ambience…the music is uplifting, positive, enlightening, even thrilling, and suffused throughout with a strong sense of Berlin School pulsing electronica…the kind of stuff that sticks in your head afterwards and makes you crave hearing it again, over and over.”
Darrell Burgan – Earth Mantra

“…uplifting, positive, enlightening, even thrilling ambient electronics which radiates a strong sense of Berlin School pulses…shift[ing] between sequenced parts and immersive, atmospheric, non-rhythmic sonic excursions…well-produced celestial music with a distinct own voice which glows and shimmers on the inside.”
Bert Strolenberg ~ Sonic Immersion

“…one of his specialties is classic spacy ambient, or “drift”, you might call it. This means bigass pads, billowy pillowy synthy goodness that takes your bad mood and turn it into bliss. It’s also good to fall asleep to, which is a compliment in this genre…”
Make Your Own Taste ~ Sun Tracer

Complex Silence 23

“As good ambient should, it melts easily into the backdrop until some moment, some passage, pings an emotional center in your brain and you become more aware of it and take it in more fully. The arc of the thing is carefully considered and constructed, and the visceral responses it evokes are deep and true.”
John Shanahan ~ Hypnagogue Music Reviews

“…a 65-minute sonic canvas with a highly contemplative, reflective and calming character along a New Age-healing undercurrent…”
Bert Strolenberg ~ Sonic Immersion.


“In each track Wilkerson’s silken synth constructs veritably float through your head. The overall feeling hovers somewhere between the voyaging drifts of classic spacemusic and a perfect soundtrack for simply watching clouds cross the sky…Lush, calming and beautifully introspective…”
John Shanahan ~ Hypnagogue Music Reviews

“…a dip into soothing, deep ambient spaces, which occasionally contain deep bass pulses/drones.”
Bert Strolenberg ~ Sonic Immersion


“This is classical ambient music…as in dreamy sound that could just as easily melt into the background as command your attention…as in atmospheric to the point of invisibility..a gossamer lightness virtually devoid of texture or inaccuracy, that distinguishes Daybook, because Wilkerson’s pieces posit a tension — a tension between the reflective intention of his music, and the steel-hard, if stiletto-thin, sounds with which that intention is committed.”
Marc Weidenbaum ~ Disquiet

Early Works

“…Wilkerson’s sophomore release…showcases [his] ethereal, minimalist approach to ambient, shimmering brightly as usual. I like how his music has a positive, relaxing mood without being the least bit sentimental or sweet, steering clear of the pitfalls of new age…”
Phil Derby ~ ElectroAmbient Space ~ Excerpted March 2010

“…representing Phillip’s first successful steps in creating ambient/space music…the seven free form ambient space tracks create an introspective, warm and spacious ambience of fluid and dreamy synth textures.”
Bert Strolenberg ~ Sonic Immersion

Still Point

“…ambient minimalism at its best, similar and yet distinct from the works of Budd, Eno, and others…a promising debut from Wilkerson.”
Phil Derby ~ ElectroAmbient Space ~ Excerpted March 2010

“…this is a magnificent pure ambient release, extremely approachable and…will lull you into a different realm…simply gorgeous music.”
Darrell Burgan ~ Earth Mantra