Wondrous Encounters

Wondrous Encounters - Cover Art

“Wilkerson has again proven himself a master of the ambient music form, particularly the beatific kind that can potentially trigger flashes of calm enlightenment in the listener’s mind. I’m not sure a musician can bestow a more valuable gift.”

Allister Thompson ~ Make Your Own Taste

“…conjures memories of the genre’s pioneers…put on the headphones, close your eyes, and just go…a great addition to Wilkerson’s already impressive catalog of superb ambient.”

John Shanahan ~ Hypnagogue Reviews

“The cosmic theme is explored nicely in rich layers and evolving spacious drifts on each of the eight cuts, straying through deeper worlds beyond and veils of mystery.”

Bert Strolenberg ~ Sonic Immersion

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The first title for this release that went through my head was: Music for Science Fiction Films, intended as a playful, but inspirational nod to Eno’s Music for Films.

But as I listened deeply to these tracks, I realized that I had actually created a musical homage to alien visitation films, namely Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

After seeing that film, I can remember coming out of the theater, looking up, and fully expecting to see coordinated lights in the sky or the Mother Ship slowly descending. At least some sign that they were here and among us.

And perhaps they are, even now, just watching and waiting for the human race to evolve into the Greater Oneness of the universe with them. Who can say?

Ever since Spielberg tweaked my imagination, I’ve been waiting for the alien arrival or even better, my own personal wondrous encounter. I wanted to be Roy Neary! Invited aboard and taken away to live among the stars. And I suspect that my story may hold true for many of us in the ambient community of musicians and listeners, too. Indeed, we have an entire sub genre of ambient-electronic music that is replete with alien visitation themes.

I started thinking about a UFO-themed ambient release a few years ago, while living near the Picayune Strand. At that time, there were reports of sightings and strange hovering lights in the neighboring swamps and hammocks. And if you’ve ever been in the flatlands of South Florida on a clear night, you know how utterly immense and immersive and alive the night sky is. There are no mountains or buildings or man-made light to obstruct the stars and the Milky Way. You realize that we really are drifting through a galaxy that is drifting through a universe of infinite galaxies.

So here is my contribution—a collection of space music, atmospheres, and soundscapes suitable for stargazing, or cloud watching, or cruising around in a flying saucer. These drifts and drones are each lightly interlaced with understated textures, harmonies, and the hovering sounds of subtle machinery and delicate communication signals. Consider them soundtracks for the best science fiction venue ever created—your imagination.

May all your encounters be wondrous ones!

released 07 October 2014

Synthesizers: Phillip Wilkerson
Artwork: Jourdan Laik
Mastering: Andrew J. Klimek


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