Vague Traces


Infused with the minimal drones, drifts, micro-sonics and discrete acoustics that are so often prevalent in their solo works, Wilkerson & Russell blend those styles perfectly together…the result is 63 minutes of deep drifting tranquility and sublime ambient spaces that seem to come from deep within a dream. ~ Spotted Peccary

This work seems to be dissolving and becoming, all at once. Sounds and ideas cross a huge interval, as the seven realizations on Vague Traces move through their liminal realms. This duo produces a fascinating succession of colors, atmosphere and mood. ~ Chuck van Zyl ~ Star’s End

For lovers of deep ambient music… ~ Sylvain Lupari ~ Synth & Sequences

Wilkerson and Russell drive this highway masterfully, maintaining the balance between depth and light, darkness and coloration, never dropping too deep into droney depths, yet eschewing any of the sweetness that tends to subtract from the warmth that textural ambient sounds generate… ~ Exposé Online

The seven mid-length recordings of Vague Traces are blissfully unhurried, easily allowing the mood of each to seep through the consciousness and to transport the listener into welcome reverie. Consistent through the seven variations, the fades between tracks barely break the tranquillity of the spell so that the sixty three minutes work as a unified whole experience. ~ Paul Jury ~ Morpheus Music Reviews

Harmonic and multi-dimensional music roaming gently through vaporous, tranquil spheres…addressing the intimate and the sensitive with its kaleidoscope of slow evolving, overtly caressing and pastel tone colors. ~ Bert Strolenberg ~ Sonic Immersions

…gorgeously melts common artistic visions of Phillip Wilkerson & Chris Russell…and proves their soundsculpting talent within ambient/deep space journeying… ~ Richard Gürtler

…Wilkerson and Russell’s music is edgy and realistic, with hints of darkness alongside the contemplative fragility…a sublime and beautiful work of art… ~ Goatsden

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Released Nov 11, 2014

Synths: Phillip Wilkerson
Microsounds, Synths,
Acoustic Instruments: Chris Russell >>

Audio Mastering: Ben Cox
Photography: Jourdan Laik
Design & Layout: Daniel Pipitone >>

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