Ten to Eleven



“…thick with emotion–there’s a sense of the stories within the sound truly coming from the heart–and the journey here feels filled with personal secrets being whispered to the listener…”
John Shanahan ~ Hypnagogue Music Reviews

“…warm and smooth flowing textural synth washes…”
Bert Strolenberg ~ Sonic Immersion

“…aural pictures that become the soundtrack to the listeners life…a beautiful album… one that I will come back to for many years to come…”
Thomas Mathie ~ Headphonaught

beautifully relaxing sound sculpting…the flowing essence of “Ten To Eleven” will undoubtedly relax you…
Richard Gürtler

iTunes – http://tinyurl.com/q9q8abz

Bandcamp – http://tinyurl.com/klvk8go

CDBaby – http://tinyurl.com/klgkohq

Pandora – http://tinyurl.com/pz2x2rg

Spotify – http://tinyurl.com/myttaxy

WordPress – http://wp.me/PUGKv-1hG


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