Swiftly the Sun


“From this listener’s perspective, it’s yet another collection of music to listen to over and over. It has all the heart I expect from him, and adds in some fun and slightly unexpected shots of energy and vigor. An excellent addition to an already impressive catalog.”
~ John Shanahan ~ Hypnagogue Reviews

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Swiftly the Sun collects individually released tracks from guest compilations and a few of my own cloudcasts. All the tracks were newly mastered in 2015 for both CD and digital distribution.

During 2014, I was primarily occupied with two collaborations.

First, the Vague Traces release with Chris Russell:


Then, with Jourdan Laik on the new Time Being release, A Place to Belong


But during that time, I was also continuing my experimentation with different styles of ambient music. Making a conscious effort to avoid “sounding like” other ambient artists, I simply cast my creative True Self adrift to produce what comes of its own making. The tracks on Swiftly the Sun were born from that creative process.

Allowing the music to just flow out of me has always seemed to produce better results than attempting to compose or otherwise enforce my will on the creative process to achieve a particular atmosphere or sound.

And although these tracks were created separately over a span of many months, their emotional content centers on common themes: isolation, loss, and a deep sense of irredeemable time. The sun continues on its relentless course, but there is always the hopeful balance: setting followed by rising. Everyday is forever a fresh start.

But trying to describe the process and the accompanying emotions aren’t the same as listening to the results, so please just enjoy the music.

Phillip Wilkerson
July 2015

Link to this page: http://wp.me/PUGKv-1t6


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