Sun Tracer



“…simply pleasant, well-crafted melodies created with synths and sequencers…Another great Wilkerson release.”
Phil Derby ~ ElectroAmbient Space ~ Excerpted March 2010

“…a spacey ride that alternately coasts through the cosmos and slingshots around planets at speed. And he blends them well…Wilkerson’s vision of the universe is a pleasure to observe, and Sun Tracer is a trip you’ll surely take many times over…”
John Shanahan ~ Hypnagogue Music Reviews ~ Recommended CDs

“…a collection of electronic ambient pieces that thoroughly embrace tonality in what can only be called rapturous light ambience…the music is uplifting, positive, enlightening, even thrilling, and suffused throughout with a strong sense of Berlin School pulsing electronica…the kind of stuff that sticks in your head afterwards and makes you crave hearing it again, over and over.”
Darrell Burgan – Earth Mantra

“…uplifting, positive, enlightening, even thrilling ambient electronics which radiates a strong sense of Berlin School pulses…shift[ing] between sequenced parts and immersive, atmospheric, non-rhythmic sonic excursions…well-produced celestial music with a distinct own voice which glows and shimmers on the inside.”
Bert Strolenberg ~ Sonic Immersion

“…one of his specialties is classic spacy ambient, or “drift”, you might call it. This means bigass pads, billowy pillowy synthy goodness that takes your bad mood and turn it into bliss. It’s also good to fall asleep to, which is a compliment in this genre…”
Make Your Own Taste ~ Sun Tracer

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