“…a time-stretching suite of six classic ambient pieces that, in coursing along as slowly as they do, allow us as listeners to slow down as well…a beautiful release, another must-hear from Mr. Wilkerson…”

John Shanahan ~ Hypnagogue Music Reviews ++

“…the theme of this album should be (and maybe is) tranquillity…these tracks have a lightness to them, like a peaceful sunset in a rural place…”

Allister Thompson ~ Make Your Own Taste ++

“…smooth gliding textural landscapes offering lots of subtle nuances and emotional depths…one can almost feel the gentle glow of sun rays on your skin…an immersive lullaby to caress the mind.”

Bert Strolenberg ~ Sonic Immersion ++

“…elegant…unhurried expressions of a better life…expressions that surround you with their warmth…expressions of comfort and of peace…”

Thomas Mathie ~ Headphonaught ++

“…serenely drifting dreamscapes…Sojourner is the pinnacle of [Wilkerson’s] extensive list of recordings…”

Richard Gürtler ~ Discogs ++

“…Phil Wilkerson is a master in the art of drawing ambient music forms and Sojourner amply shows it…”

Sylvain Lupari ~ Synth&Sequences ++

“…a smooth and buoyant float amidst long sweeping drones reminiscent of drifting on large ocean waves, as the music ebb and flows in a brilliant tension and release…” ~ Featured Release 9/2013 ++

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9 thoughts on “Sojourner

    • Thanks, Greg. Happy for you on all the good words and spins re: The Separate Ones!

  1. Phil,
    Really like your web site! Very clean and professional. As elegant as your music! The cover photo for Sojourner is incredible. Love the look and feel. Eager to hear it.

  2. Mr. Wilkerson,
    SO, SO glad I stumbled upon your music on Hearts of Space. Gates of Mercy is an absolute masterpiece…just phenomenal!
    Tim – San Antonio, TX

    • Thanks, Tim. Always appreciate the kind words and the good folks at HoS who’ve played so many wonderful ambient artists on their programs.


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