“…classic relaxation music, carved out of far-reaching, soft synth pads, cloud-like and warm…Wilkerson is in full control of his craft, and Highlands is one of his best drift-based works to date…”
John Shanahan ~ Hypnagogue Music Reviews

“…the most impressive…is the 21-minute opening piece “Sweet Eva Lena”, an emotionally charged work of art with a beautiful sense of longing and romance running underneath…”
Bert Strolenberg ~ Sonic Immersion

“…the listener is completely immersed in a golden glow of warm ambient pads…with elongated higher and lower pads meshing into lush, spacious, slowly changing textures. It really doesn’t get much more chilled than this. Contemplative music to relax to, to imagine, to reminisce, to daydream.”
Baxter Tocher ~ EarTickles

“Wilkerson…records in a variety of styles, but this masterwork of four tracks on the new Free Floating label is pure waves of padded bliss, celestial, comforting, calming. Possibly his best release yet…”
Make Your Own Taste ~ 10 Netlabel Ambient Albums You Should Own

“…these four pieces create a space of subtle yet immense stillness, a place to find repose or to explore the depths of our truest selves…”
Brad Ross-MacLeod ~ Free Floating

iTunes – http://tinyurl.com/lks9qoc

Bandcamp – http://tinyurl.com/pnqxaqk
>> http://phillipwilkerson.bandcamp.com/album/highlands
>> http://phillipwilkerson.bandcamp.com/album/highlands-outtakes

>> http://freefloatingmusic.bandcamp.com/album/highlands

CD Baby – http://tinyurl.com/l8623mz

Spotify – http://tinyurl.com/ll4olu3

WordPress – http://wp.me/PUGKv-1hC


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