A Place to Belong


Continuing the journey of deep sound exploration, Time Being’s second release on Spotted Peccary Music, A Place To Belong, is a mesmerizing array of sound sculpted micro-space ambiences, featuring Phillip Wilkerson’s signature drones and Jourdan Laik’s glistening electronic landscapes.

Beginning with wide-screen, cinematic moments of grass rippling in wind, sky-sculptures of clouds, and sweeping, swirling atmospheres of another dimension, A Place To Belong pushes the boundaries beyond Laik and Wilkerson’s first release, A Dimension Reflected, to musically explore ideas representing places filled, not with people, but rather with what makes people real: their memories.

Like wisps of wind across the abstract shapes of an inter-dimensional horizon, the shifting sonic palette of electronics, natural ambience and effects processing, are all part of this fascinating sound adventure that feels like the inscape of one’s deepest dreams. This is deep ambient listening; the soundtrack to a sojourn from the edge of perception, through farther worlds, to an infinite home.


“…deep ambient at its most potent…”
Textura ~ A Place to Belong

“…takes the next step into deep exploration of ambient sounds and design…”
Sonic Immersion ~ A Place to Belong

“…feels more like the greatest of all journeys than just a mere ambient album…”
Ambient Exotica ~ A Place to Belong

“An excellent blending of styles moves this release along; meditative passages and quiet melodies are given equal say, as are light and dark…does what a sophomore effort should, following a good debut: it ups the ante…”
Hypnagogue Reviews ~ A Place to Belong

“A truly splendid synergistic 62-minute alchemy…awe-inspiring landscapes, fueled by ceaselessly coalesced amorphously comforting dronescapes with glimpses of eerily mindscaping tapestries…”
Richard Gürtler ~ A Place to Belong

“Music of this smooth, nebulous, ponderous nature often suggests the cool immensity of space and whilst this is true of A Place To Belong in many passages, there is also a warmth and open-hearted passionate content that grounds much of the music…”
Paul Jury ~ A Place to Belong

“…meditative and introspective but astonishingly brilliant…a nice little sound delight for those who like the genre.”
Sylvain Lupari ~ A Place to Belong

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Shortlink: http://wp.me/pUGKv-1tv


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