A Dimension Reflected

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 1.21.00 PM

“…a soft, reflective disc that holds time in its hands to let the listener look deep within it…Laik and Wilkerson spin a velvety cocoon of classic ambient drifts…a work that will round off the harsh edges of your day, set your mind at ease and let you peacefully wander off to some quiet space inside yourself…a superb debut.”
John Shanahan ~ Hypnagogue Music Reviews

“…thought-bending, deep drifting tracks of pure ambient spaces, where electronic yet organic, expansive washes of sound, drifting chords and swirling synthesizer textures communicate the resonant beauty of time and timelessness…”
Spotted Peccary

“…a contemplative project that reminds me of what it is to be alive and dreaming. We live in fast times and…A Dimension Reflected is a balm for a frenzied soul…”
Heathen Harvest ~ A Dimension Reflected

Spotted Peccary – http://tinyurl.com/med2xnz

Pandora – http://tinyurl.com/n22lzrv

Pandora – A Dimension Reflected – http://tinyurl.com/n3ofkcr

Time Being Radio (Pandora) – http://tinyurl.com/lpucy2y

iTunes – http://tinyurl.com/pe7g7k3

Spotify – http://tinyurl.com/oeu5bmz

Bandcamp – http://tinyurl.com/kubjazw

WordPress – http://wp.me/PUGKv-1jX


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