Phillip Wilkerson, Swiftly the Sun

Hypnagogue Music Reviews

wilk_swiftI admire artists who choose to challenge themselves, who don’t allow themselves to sit in the same spot doing the same thing. It can be a risk, but there’s also a strong chance of a fresh new reward—for the listener as well as the artist. Phillip Wilkerson’s Swiftly the Sun represents an artist taking that kind of chance. Looking to explore new modes of electronic expression, he says, “I simply cast my creative True Self adrift to produce whatever came of its own making.” We, along with Wilkerson, now get to enjoy the rewards of his risk. Swiftly the Sun doesn’t seem to go too far afield of the artist’s general motif. He has always been one for soft pads and slow melodies packed with emotion, and that plays out here. But there are moments of experimentation, some subtle and some not, that will take long-time Wilkerson fans (such as myself) into…

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