PHILLIP WILKERSON – Wondrous Encounters (2014)

Make Your Own Taste

a2807672612_10Sometimes you just vibe with a certain person’s music; you don’t really know why, you just experience a more profound reaction than you do to the music of other, ostensibly similar musicians. That’s the magic and mystery of the effect of music. I’m totally passionate about music, as you know, so there are many such artists in my life, and one such is Floridian Phillip Wilkerson, who makes ambient music. In fact, you could say there’s none more ambient than he. While there is some stylistic variation between Wilkerson’s releases, he does not generally stray from a purity of texture and a sweetness of tone that is very uplifting. Even when trying to be dark, I think this guy’s soul is just too buoyant to keep things from raising the listener’s spirits. The style he works in could be considered “space music”, being based on thick synth pad sounds that…

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