Review : Deliquesce

Joshua Pickard of Nooga has reviewed Deliquesce [TST013] amongst five cassette releases for his column The Tape Deck for April 2014.

“In this month’s The Tape Deck, we take a look at some cassettes from Gay Cat Park, Moffenzeef, German Army, Phillip Wilkerson and Loomer. From ambient rhythms and droning loops to shoegaze-y melodies and warbling synths, the tapes this month highlight the malleability and adaptability of these artists in relation to their medium. Far from feeling overtly tied to a host of circuit boards and endless bundles of wiring, these artists create something far more organic and natural from their electronic resources. Check out five tapes below that you should have heard this month in the latest edition of The Tape Deck.”

“The latest tape, Deliquesce, from ambient composer Phillip Wilkerson comes to us courtesy of Twin Springs Tapes out of Asheville, North Carolina. Composed of twin long-form 20-minute sides, this cassette delves into the drones and open-air landscapes for which Wilkerson’s music has come to be known. Meditative electronic rhythms stretch out toward some indefinable musical horizon where minimalism and noise collide at odd angles. There is a beauty and grace among the loose structures here that will have you staring deeper into these complex soundscapes and finding even more detail than might initially have been observed. And it’s in this minutiae—this strict regard for the smallest rhythmic increments—that Wilkerson finds the true heart of his ambient compositions.”

You can read the entire column here:



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