Modern ambient masters: New releases from IGNEOUS FLAME and PHILLIP WILKERSON

Make Your Own Taste

There’s a lot written about ambient music that drops the same names over and over — Eno this, Roach that. Hell, I’m as guilty as anyone on that count when making comparative references. But in fact there are artists with extensive and impressive discographies working today who are the all-time ambient music legends of the future. I’m pleased to be able to talk about new releases by two such artists.

Phillip Wilkerson has a very extensive and diverse catalog of releases that often focuses on “drift” ambient, meaning the beautiful celestial layers of pads kind, which is one of my favourite varieties of music. Now, he’s done other stuff, but sunshine-drenched releases such as Highlands and Sun Tracer are the ones that float my boat the highest. Wikerson’s catalog is also notable for its consistency in quality — he has not made a single recording I’ve heard that is not…

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