StillStream – Featured Artist

I’m honored once again to be a StillStream featured artist during the month of October 2011.

Thanks to Darrell Burgan, StillStream was one of the first internet radio stations to play my music, and as I recall, I sent my first submission to Darrell in August 2007 while living and working in the Orlando area.

At the time, I had little expectation of ever getting my music played on the air. But I remember the thrill of searching the playlists just on a whim a few months later and actually seeing my titles listed in the rotation.

I don’t know the exact percentage–probably a major portion of listeners who know my work–know it because of StillStream.

Thank you StillStream and StillStream DJs, for graciously giving airtime to so many aspiring ambient artists through the years.

Now if I could just figure out who that guy in the picture is…



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