Recommended: John Broaddus

Back in 2005 and 2006 when I first began searching, in earnest, for ambient artists beyond Brian Eno, I was discovering artists through XM, Hearts of Space, or emusic.

That was how I found Chuck Wild (Liquid Mind), Jonn Serrie, Larry Kucharz, Steve Roach and began either buying their CDs or downloading their releases.

From one of those sources, probably HOS #722, I ran across 4 at 18 by John Broaddus.

I remember distinctly downloading 4 at 18 from emusic. However, searches for additional music by John Broaddus, alas, turned up only this release (at least that I could find).

But I have to say (and I’ve said this publicly before), 4 at 18 was (and still is) hugely influential in my development as an ambient musician. It’s a classic ambient work in the best sense of the word. Every ambient musician, whether established or aspiring, needs to know and hear 4 at 18.

You can listen immediately and download 4 at 18 here:

Or, you can find it at CDBaby if you like to truly possess your best ambient music discoveries.

In 2011, John Broaddus began publishing more ambient music and I was elated and excited to hear what he is doing now. His latest works are also available by following the links at the pages listed above.

Or, visit with John at his website:

Go get it!



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