Hypnagogue Podcast #44

What an honor! Many thanks to John Shanahan, The Hypnagogue, for including a track from Interplay in the final Hypnagogue Podcast of 2010.

Here is the entire playlist:

Episode 44, “A Few Faves”

Dave Preston, “Feeling God Has Left You,” Soundtrack for Motion
Northcape, “Doesn’t Feel Like A Long Way,” Captured from Static
The Jingle Kings, “No Man’s Land,” The New Megalopolis
Phillip Wilkerson, “Certainty,” Interplay
Integral, “Je Ne Trouve Pas La Sortie,” Rise
Slow Dancing Society, “By Your Side,” Under the Sodium Lights
Jason Sloan, “dryANDabsolute,” corruptedHorizon
Alio Die/Parallel Worlds, “Slide Into Grace,” Circo Divino
Steve Roach, “The View from Here,” Sigh of Ages
Altus, “Waiting for the Cover of White,” Black Trees Among Amber Skies
Darshan Ambient, “A Day Within Days,” A Day Within Days
Ministry of Inside Things, “Grateful,” Everlasting Moment
Underlay: Andrew Lahiff, “Waters of Venus,” Shapes in Clouds

While you’re listening, catch up on John’s latest reviews of new ambient music. His blog is a must-read if you love ambient music!

Read John’s review of Interplay.

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