Recommended: Susperia-Electrica

Now and then I come across an ambient artist who is creating interesting ambient music, in this case, space music, that really grabs me. Of course, my tastes run to the minimalist and the spartan, so when I discovered the music of Susperia-Electrica, I got excited.

Since I am not a reviewer of music, per se, I will make a comparison instead. If you’re familiar with the space music artist known as Telomere, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect from Susperia-Electrica.

But I recommend you listen for yourself. Two releases by Susperia-Electrica are now available at Earth Mantra Netlabel:

Susperia-Electrica - Turmoil (2010) - earman132

Susperia-Electrica - Turmoil (2010) - earman132

Susperia-Electrica - Intrinsic (2010) - earman152

Susperia-Electrica - Intrinsic (2010) - earman152

(Click the album cover to visit its release page)

Here is the link to the Susperia-Electrica website:

There’re links to many more releases posted there; most of them free for downloading.


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