Stone Mountain, GA

This is a field recording I made of the train at Stone Mountain, GA on August 6, 2010. The train circles the base of the mountain, pulling open-air passenger cars. The depot is located just to the right in this photo.

I was standing near the fountain while making this recording, as the train pulled into the depot. You can actually hear the train’s bell echoing off the mountain at about the 1:06 minute mark. The engine, whistle, and bell sounds in this recording are made by an EMD FP7 diesel locomotive.

I’ve always loved the forlorn sound of train whistles. I grew up listening to them late at night from the train yard that was located about 6 miles from our home. This is one of the best recordings of a train whistle I’ve managed to capture.

Updated Aug 9 – This field recording reviewed and discussed by Marc Weidenbaum at Disquiet.

This photo was taken with my Canon 16-35mm lens.


2 thoughts on “Stone Mountain, GA

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