Ultima Thule 822 – Interplay

Many thanks to Ultima Thule radio and podcast for playing two tracks from Phillip’s recent Interplay release. The show opened with Embraced and closed with Frontier.

Ultima Thule 822, which aired July 18, included these artists and releases:

Phillip Wilkerson – Interplay
Brock Van Wey – The Art of Dying AloneGlacial Movements
Janne Hanisuanto – IcescapesEarth Mantra

The complete track list can be found here.

You can also subscribe to the Ultima Thule podcast here.

Interplay is available (CD or digital download) at Bandcamp, Amazon, CDBaby, and direct from Phillip’s store.


One thought on “Ultima Thule 822 – Interplay

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