Complex Silence – A New Home

I am excited to announce that the Complex Silence series has a new netlabel home: Treetrunk Records

As you probably already know, Treetrunk Records is run by Thomas Park, aka Mystified and Mister Vapor. Treetrunk recently celebrated its 100th release; many fine ambient artists and experimental artists are part of the Treetrunk catalog, as well as the Constant series, so Complex Silence will be in truly awesome company!

Stop by the Treetrunk Records main page at to see the entire catalog of artists and releases: Treetrunk Records at

I want to sincerely thank Jon 7 at Time Theory netlabel for hosting Complex Silence 1 – 4 and for all his help in launching the series.

Complex Silence 4 (featuring mysterybear) [tmth06A]
Complex Silence 3 (featuring JMMIII) [tmth062]
Complex Silence 2 (featuring Tange) [tmth05A]
Complex Silence [tmth052]

The move to Treetrunk Records comes with Jon 7’s blessing, as he is focusing on other projects at the present.

Going forward, new CS releases will be part of the Treetrunk Records catalog. Look for new Complex Silence releases from Phillip Wilkerson (CS5) and Mister Vapor (CS6)!

Want to contribute music to the Complex Silence series? Send Phillip your tracks / ideas: [ Soundcloud Dropbox ]



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