Ambitar Radio Plays Complex Silence

Ok, there was a switch in the airplay for Complex Silence on April 17 and 18.

As it turned out, Allen Goodman, who hosts the weekly Ambitar Radio show on, featured airplay for Complex Silence on his April 17th show. Many thanks, Allen!

Allen’s show is followed by Mark Stolk’s NTNS Radio show, also airing weekly on StillStream.

So since Allen played Complex Silence, Mark’s April 18 show featured a pre-release preview of Midland, which will be released by the Resting Bell netlabel later this month.

So a huge dual thank-you to both Allen and Mark for featuring two my new works, back-to-back, on their respective radio shows!!

And it would certainly be remiss of me to neglect this opportunity to once again thank Darrell Burgan (aka Palancar) and all the ultra-cool folks associated with StillStream for their ongoing support and encouragement!!



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