New Release: Constant 23 [treetrunk078]

Phillip Wilkerson and Treetrunk Records have released “Constant 23” available for immediate download:

For “Constant 23”, Phillip Wilkerson offers a quasi-organic sitar-sounding drone that seems to twist and grow (complete with pops and crackles), in a kind of psychedelic time-lapse haze. This long-form drone is further enhanced by nurturing, transcendent harmonies floating in a luscious and spacious ambience.

Constant 23 is designed for endless loop play for hours of seamless enjoyment.

Treetrunk Records really enjoys this version of Constant, and hopes you will, too.

“Constant” pieces are works of minimal drone that tend to use a “less is more” approach. The idea of these songs is to create the least possible ambient drone material necessary for listening.

Mystified created the first “Constant” on Webbed Hand Records ( and several artists have given the theme their own spin. Treetrunk Records has now begun exploring the “Constant” theme with several releases by various artists.



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