Discography (May 4, 2017)

Time Being

Time Being – A Dimension Reflected [LSM20] | >>
Time Being – A Place to Belong [SPM-9084] | >>

Spotted Peccary Music | Time Being website

Phillip Wilkerson


Waking Across The River [2016] >>
Swiftly the Sun [2015] >>
Vague Traces with Chris Russell [2014] >> ++
Wondrous Encounters [2014] >>
Highlands Outtakes [2014] >>
Sojourner [2013] >>
Highlands [2012] >> [2014] >>
Complex Silence 23 [2012] >>
The Stars and Afterward [2012] >>
Ten to Eleven [2011] >>
Interplay [2010] >>
Sun Tracer [2010] >>
Daybook [2009] >>
Complex Silence [2009] >>
Early Works [2009] >>
Still Point [2008] >>
Amorphous Worlds [2007] >>

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Sati >>
The Renaissance House Sessions (with litmus0001) [anu201] | >>
Highlands [ffm010]
Coast to Coast (with Lucette Bourdin) [earman163]
The Way Home [earman154]
Sun Tracer [earman113] | bc
Ege Denizi (with Tange) [earman080]
Transience (with Sylvie Walder) [earman063]
Still Point [earman047] | bc
Across An Imaginary Sky [Archive.org – Amorphos Music]


NewRiver Mixes ~ Warren Daly & Phillip Wilkerson [Bandcamp]
Adrift in Peace (Extended Version) [Bandcamp]
The Nature of Silence [Bandcamp]
Suite: River Mix [Bandcamp]
Deliquesce [TST013]
ways of forgetting [Bandcamp]
A Moment Opens [2012]
Radiance (Remastered) [2012]
Infinite Prayers [2011]
Among the Nebulae [Amorphos Music]
Invisible Surfaces [Amorphos Music]
Familiar Voices [Amorphos Music]
Interplay [Amorphos Music] | [Bandcamp]
daybook [bfw034], Archive.org | [Bandcamp]
Transparent Joys [Bandcamp]
Williams Park [bp038] | Archive.org
Midland [rb057] | Archive.org | [Bandcamp]
Incidents In Spring [bp016] | Archive.org
Seven Piano Improvisations [Archive.org – Amorphos Music]

Complex Silence Series

Complex Silence 32 (with Mystified) [treetrunk259]
Complex Silence 29 [treetrunk244]
Complex Silence 23 [treetrunk215] | Bandcamp
Complex Silence 15 [treetrunk150]
Complex Silence 5 [treetrunk101]
Complex Silence [tmth052] | [Bandcamp]


Constant 29 [treetrunk244]
Constant 23 [treetrunk078]
Constant 14 [treetrunk052]
The Dream Beneath [Archive.org – Amorphos Music]
Vigil [Archive.org – Amorphos Music]
Hymns to the Wind [Archive.org – Amorphos Music]


the rush of brightness | [Bandcamp]
Silas & Friends vol 1 (waag_rel015) | bc | >>
The Renaissance House Sessions (with litmus0001) [anu201] | >>
A Brief Compendium of Silence [DYS013]
Particle [JNN111] | archive.org
Rebel Slave Warriors (with Mister Vapor) [Bandcamp]
Secret [ca298]
Penumbra [JNN029]
New Smyrna [ca198]
foregone conclusion [jnn015]
Machine Caffeine [jnn009]
Microlinear [ca142]
starjournal [ca121]
Blue Falling Light [Archive.org – Amorphos Music]

Individual Tracks

Released during 2006 at Amorphos Music:

Cold Moon Drift [AM}
Galactic Drift [AM]
Evening Drift [AM]
Fantasy Drift [AM]
Eris Drift [AM]
Cathedral Drift [AM]
Cirrus Drift [AM]

Janes scenic drive

The Rush of Brightness | Various Formats
American Mercury | Various Formats
Suns from Some Other Life | Various Formats
All Possible Worlds | Various Formats
Soft Answers [JSD003] | Various Formats
Beautiful Reminders [BFW134] | Archive.org
Now to Then [JSD002] | Various Formats
Color of Heaven [JSD001] | Various Formats


Ultima Thule ~ Beyond the Borders: Ultima Thule Ambient Volume 2
Album in a Day vol. 10 ++
Quiet Friends
Album in a Day vol. 8
Ultima Thule #1010 2/3 Anniversary Program [Mixcloud]
Ambient Sleeping Pill Compilation 1
Album in a Day 6 [archive.org]
The Human Condition [Sound 4 Good]
No Labels No Musics 4 [EdP058]
Doomsday & Brimstone [Sound 4 Good]
All Is Calm 2012
I Heard Something in the Distance Vol. 9 [BFW103]
Space Rock [Sound 4 Good]
Oceans [Sound 4 Good]
Album in a Day 5 [BFW189]
All Is Calm 2011
Album in a Day 3 [BFW149] | [archive.org]
Conception [ffm001]
Complex Silence 10 [treetrunk124]
All Is Calm 2010
Bezdna Radio Essentials 019 [BRE019] | archive.org
Album in a Day [BFW069] | archive.org
no-r-mal II [jnn100] | archive.org
Cerebral Mix – Episode 2
I Heard Something in the Distance Vol. 3 [BFW046]
An Evening Adrift / LAJ [Archive.org]
Earth Psalms (Ambient Mix) [cmz001]
Clinical Anthology (2006-2009) [ca300]
JNN050 – no-R-mal
Psychosonic Aether 013 [Archive.org]
Psychosonic Aether 009 [Archive.org]
Meditative Mix / LAJ [Archive.org]
The World is Just Not Normal [jnn020]
Best of NNTS 04
Constant Mix 2
Best of NNTS 03
Particular Streams Remixes Vol 2
Particular Streams Remixes Vol 1

Mirrors & Archives

Sonic Squirrel

Online Databases




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