Phillip Wilkerson’s ambient music focuses on contemplative soundscapes, spacious atmospheres, and electronic drones and drifts.

His music has been played on major ambient radio shows such as Hearts of Space, Hypnagogue Podcast, Ultima Thule, Night Tides, and Star’s End.

Phillip’s music is broadcast on prominent ambient radio stations such as SomaFM Drone Zone, Ambient Sleeping Pill, Ambient Art Sound, and StillStream.

CD and digital downloads are available at CDBaby, Amazon Music UnlimitedAmazon (CD) , Amazon (MP3), Apple Music, iTunes, Bandcamp, and direct from Phillip’s store.

Stream Phillip’s music at Amazon Music UnlimitedApple Music, SpotifyPandora, and YouTube.

Meditate with Phillip’s selected ambient music tracks at InsightTimer.

You can stream / listen to individual releases by clicking titles under the Releases tab above.

Latest Release


Available at Amazon, Bandcamp, CDBaby, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube


Time Being

As the ambient music duo Time Being, Phillip Wilkerson and Jourdan Laik combine their creative and musical energies. Visit their website at:



suntracer2012 [ @ ] gmail [ . ] com

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Licensing is available through BMI.

Meditation & Yoga

Practice meditation with selected PW tracks at InsightTimer.

Practice yoga with selected PW tracks compiled in playlists by Yogi John Berg.


Time Being – A Place to Belong [SPM-9084] | >>
Time Being – A Dimension Reflected [LSM20] | >>

NewReveries [2018] >>
Waking Across The River [2016] >>
Swiftly the Sun [2015] >>
Vague Traces with Chris Russell [2014] >> ++
Wondrous Encounters [2014] >>
Sati [2013] >>
Sojourner [2013] >>
Highlands [2012] >>
Complex Silence 23 [2012] >>
The Stars and Afterward [2012] >>
Ten to Eleven [2011] >>
Interplay [2010] >>
Sun Tracer [2010] >>
Daybook [2009] >>
Midland [2009] >>
Complex Silence [2009] >>
Early Works [2009] >>
Still Point [2008] >>
Amorphous Worlds [2007] >>

Visit Bandcamp for EPs, singles, and miscellaneous releases.


Music Reviews

Read reviews of Phillip Wilkerson ambient releases on the Review page of this website.


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